1. “Hi Pinkmaids, a feedback : your cleaners did a good job, excellent, I need to discuss with you further on a weekly cleaning on a later date.”

    - Peter

  2. “Hi Pinkmaids. So sorry for the slow reply, we got in on Friday and been a bit crazy organising the house and jet lag etc. Thank you so much, it was much appreciated and they did such a good job!!! So glad to be able to move into our place nice and clean!”

    - Shanta

  3. “Hi Pinkmaids. I just wanted to compliment on the helper, Kris. Her attitude and work are a really high standard, she’s the best of any agency cleaner we’ve had. Please know she is doing a great job here and I wanted to recognize her terrific work.”

    - Francine Allen

  4. “Good evening. Thank you very much , Pinkmaids, for all your help this month as per my requirements. Really appreciate it. Wishing the Pinkmaids team a Merry Christmas. Thank you once again!”

    - Moushomi

  5. “Thank you Pinkmaids for the good service the helpers did a great job. Will contact you guys again for future engagements.”

    - Syafiqah

  6. “Hi Pinkmaids, the girls did a fabulous job, next time will take for extra days. They were very professional, no need to tell them what to do.”

    - Jayalakshmi

  7. Hi, 

    I wanted to tell u, thank you so very much. I was supposed to be home to supervise the housekeepers but last minute, I had to pick-up my boy from school earlier.. 

    Due to shortage of beds at the hospital, my mum had to return home the day after the cleaning job was done. She was very very very very happy. And very very very thankful. She’s always been very houseproud and was upset that she couldn’t keep the house as clean as she usually did. 

    I was also quite worried cause my bro is quite blur and has been very tired going to and from the hospital. He said that the helpers were so efficient and great that he could just lie down and catch a nap. 

    Thank you so very much.

    - Premani Logaraj

  8. “Hello Pinkmaids, I wanted to say the girls did a great job with cleaning my house this afternoon. They worked fast but did not compromise quality. They do seem experienced and well trained. And it was fantastic they were able to communicate well in English! I have engaged cleaning agencies help a few times and so far I haven’t engaged one that I’m fully satisfied with the outcome. A few times, I even had to clean up myself after they left. I’m happy to say I can finally relax in my clean home today without having to redo anything. :)”

    - Flora

  9. “Can trust Semura Cleaning Services for efficiency and quality. Messaged for part time help on Friday night. Received prompt reply and confirmation. The quality of cleaning was also of good. She helped in cleaning toilets and bathroom and was also a great help in the cleaning of the utility room. She was on task throughout the 4 hours. She also delivered good quality cleaning service. Semura Cleaning Services should be your choice in terms of quality and affordability.”

    - Malathi

  10. “Hi Pinkmaids.. Diki was very good with her work and she takes the initiative to do things without telling. For a 1st timer, i can say, she is a very capable helper. Professional and reliable. Will sure to hire helpers from you again fr longer days.. Thank you Pinkmaids for your prompt service.”

    - Christine Jayanthi

  11. “Hi thanks for allowing my last minute booking of service yesterday. Was rather pleased with the job done and I must say she took initiative to do some chores without my instruction. Thanks will def use the services again.”

    - Brindha Sankar

  12. “Was frantically searching for cleaning services and was referred here. Despite a last minute booking, there was no hassle. The staff sent down was pleasant and did her job well. Fast and efficient too. Will def use the services again. Thanks for the great service.”

    - Taj Imran

  13. “Am happy with the service provided and it is confirmed that the person came is singaporean, on time, can communicate properly, did a good job too. Area of improvement is lil fast. Would like to take the service again. Thank you for the help.”

    - Laxmi Kalyani

  14. “Thank you very much for the wonderful service. Dahlia was so prompt and efficient. The best I have seen so far. My family loves her now.”

    - Viki Rethinam

  15. Dear Pinkmaids,

    I would like to thank you so much for sending Ave to clean our kitchen/oven this morning. The work she did was absolutely outstanding and she left our kitchen as clean as it could possibly be, refreshed, hygienic, organized and ready to use. She obviously takes a lot of pride in her work and it was inspiring to see.

    Thanks once again, and we will definitely will returning customers due to this level and standard of care and pride.

    - Freddie, Villa marina, Siglap

  16. Hi,
    Just a quick word of thanks to you and the team that cleaned my apartment today. They are friendly, efficient and have done a great job in cleaning and ironing and I’m very happy with the work that they have done today 🙂
    Please can you pass on my thanks for the work done. Many thanks indeed.


    - Richard Hill.

  17. Superb and reliable service you can depend on. Affordable and satisfactory

    - Ms. Robert