Terms & Conditions

  • Clients are to make payments directly to our company bank account on the day they make their booking, prior to the cleaning sessions.
  • Only upon receipt of full payment will the bookings be complete and confirmed.
  • No cash payments, payments on arrival, partial payments or payments after job completion will be entertained.
  • An advance notice of 3 working days within our business hours of 9am-7pm is required for any changes to any confirmed sessions.
  • in the event of any cancellations or changes to any confirmed sessions without proper notice, inadequate notice period or no show by clients on the day of the sessions will result in the payments for the sessions being forfeited.
  • No cash refund will be given for any cancellations of paid sessions for whatever reasons. We would only reschedule the sessions to other mutually agreed days or give as credit to be offset on the following month’s charges or to be utilized at other times within a 6-month period.
  • A grace period of 30 minutes is expected of the client for the arrival of our staff from the time stated in the booking for the start of the session.
  • No compensation will be given to clients or any 3rd parties for any injuries, damages or losses at the client’s premises or its surroundings due to or arising from the work of our staff at their premises. Our insurance only covers the work injuries of our staff and not other parties or properties.
  • No refund or compensation will be given in the event our staff are unable to complete the works satisfactorily in time as we are engaged on hourly basis & not on project basis. In such events, the clients might need to engage us again on another day or pay for additional hours based on our availability for that day for us to complete the works.
  • No liability will be borne by us in the event that your landlord or their agents or any other parties concerned on regards to the cleaning finds the works unsatisfactory or incomplete eventhough our staff has completed the works to the best of their ability.
  • Clients must provide all the necessary materials to carry out the chores at their homes unless they have paid us a fee to provide such materials.
  • Strictly no direct hiring of our staff or dealings with them on the side for any extra tasks, additional hours or sessions under any circumstances even if our staff were the one to approach the clients directly for such matters or even after they have left our company and are no longer under our employment at the time of such approach/hiring/dealings.
  • Clients are strictly prohibited from obtaining our staff’s contacts and/or particulars or passing of theirs to them for whatever reasons or circumstances. Clients are to contact our office directly for all matters pertaining to any concerns on regards to their bookings/sessions and/or our services.