Terms & Conditions

Please note that we require 72 hours notice for any changes to any confirmed sessions.


Failing which, we can’t re-assign our staff and thus, we have no choice but to seek the above payment from you.


Please take note that we will not be responsible for any damages, injuries or losses that may arise due to our staff at work at your place.


Please note that your helper will solely rely on the materials that you provide to carry out the cleaning at your home.


Your Helper will strictly not cook, handle pet/pet items care for elderly/infants, do any hand wash of clothing or washing of vehicles.


Please take note that your helper only irons a max. of 15 pieces of clothing per session.


Please note that we undertake this booking on the trust that you will not hire our staff directly even if they were to approach you or they’re no longer in our employment or we’re no longer doing your bookings.


In the event that such trust is broken, we’ll not hesitate to seek legal action for compensation.