T & C

* A 72-hrs notice is required for any changes to confirmed bookings.

* A fee of $80 is applicable for any last minute changes or no-show by clients.

* A 30 mins grace is required for arrival of staff from the time stated in the booking.

* No compensation or refund will be given for any damages, injuries or losses that might occur while our staff is at work at your premises.

* All materials are to be provided by the client or we can help purchase them for a fee.

* Our staff will strictly not do:
– Cooking.
– Handling of pets & pet accessories.
– providing care for the sick, elderly & infants.
– Handwashing of clothings.
– Washing of vehicles such as cars, bikes etc.

* All payments are to be made in CASH immediately upon arrival of our staff.

* Ironing – Maximum 15 pcs of clothings per session.

* Strictly no direct hiring of our staff at any rate, condition or situation even if our staff were the one to approach the client directly or even if they are no longer under our employment at the time of approach/hire.